Breakfast Weddings

Breakfast Weddings

Hi Friends! I know I know. It’s been two months. Completely unacceptable, but we’re back and have I got a cute post for you! So anyone that knows me personally, knows that my all time favorite foods are pancakes and donuts!

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So naturally I was inspired to blog about breakfast weddings! The typical Miami wedding usually focuses on evening hours filled with formal attire and fancy formalities, but what if you don’t care for the fancy shmancy details? What if you were more simplistic and wanted a morning/noon wedding? Well here ya go!

Just think of all the cute ideas you could offer your guests. From french toast kabobs and bellini bars to donut rings and mini, personal, pancake stacks, the ideas are endless. So many of us read or watch the news in the morning, so why not incorporate an adorable custom  newspaper announcing your wedding while also using it as a program to mention the bridal party and even a wedding crossword puzzle. Why not? It will be the talk of the event.

Since it would be a daytime event, you can surround your guests with happy bright colors or set the mood with softer tones. Whichever you choose, just remember that your food will also play a role in decorating a larger part of your event, since fruits and juices are already colorful.

The best piece of information I am going to share with you is…drum roll please…day weddings are less expensive. Why? What makes the difference? Well remember that most of your guests (especially Miami natives) are more likely to drink at weddings, but less likely to expect a full bar during a morning wedding. An opportunity to have less expensive liquor will present itself. Perhaps some bellinis or mimosas and of course, some sangria will do the trick. Remember to include beer to allow for some type of variety at the bar, but a full bar is not necessarily required nor expected.

Regardless of what you decide to do, be corky! Think outside the box and get creative. Day weddings allow for so much creativity. Incorporate personality in every aspect of the decor and leave guests saying “how cute is that?” “Oh how adorable!” “That’s so them!” and even “I’ve never seen this before!” Remember to always pay attention to details and remember to make it “all about the WOW factor.” Enjoy!


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