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People always ask me why I do what I do. The answer is simple, I love it! Inspired by the emotion that is created when two people fall in love, I took a leap of faith and followed my passion for designing and planning!

As a woman myself, I know what this day means to you. The dreams you’ve had since you were a little girl are finally becoming a reality. It’s overwhelming to think that it’s finally your time; so many details and so much to think about. And for this very reason, I do what I do.

Your wedding day is an unforgettable day that should be stress-free and full of memories, laughter and joyous moments. I’ve been there! I know what you’re feeling, and I promise to share all those emotions with you. From the moment we first meet until the day you say “I do”, I’m there for you. I cry with you, laugh with you, and I love the friendship we will build along the way! It’s an amazing feeling.

While we welcome traditional, classic planning, we know that each couple has their own distinct style, and therefore our main focus is all about out-of-the-box creations that leave your guests talking for years to come. We LOVE when guests say “WOW!” We represent exclusively, individuality, style, and elegance. Commitment towards your needs and wants are our top priority, and we allow YOU to be OUR boss!

Getting started is easy! A simple call is the first step. Our initial consultation is free, and we will discuss all your details while keeping your budget in mind. A custom package may be created and an a la carte option is always available. Our goal is to assure your satisfaction.

Call us today! Let’s get started. Why wait any longer? We sincerely hope to hear from you soon. Until then…

– Victoria Martiniez

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